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Parent & Coach Communication Procedure

Updated on 05/01/2024

Parent/Coach Relationship

Both parenting and coaching are extremely difficult vocations. By establishing and understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of each other and provide a greater benefit to children. When your children    become involved in our program, as parents you have a right to understand what expectations are placed on you your child. This   begins with clear communication from the coach describing your child’s program.

Communication You Should Expect From Your Child’s Coach

· Philosophy of coach

· Expectations the coach has for your child

· Locations and times of all practices and contests

· Team requirements, i.e. fees, special equipment, etc.

· Discipline that results in the denial of your child’s participation



Communication Coaches Expect From   Parents

· Concerns expressed directly to the coach

· Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance

· Specific concern, in regard to a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations.


As your children become involved in the programs at B.E.A., they will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives. It is important to understand that there may  also be times when things do not go the way you or your child wishes. At these times, discussion with the coach is encouraged.


Appropriate Concerns to Discuss With a Coach

· The coaching of your child, mentally, and physically.

· Ways to help your child improve

· Concerns about your child’s behavior

It is difficult to accept that your child does not play as much as he/she had hoped. Coaches are professionals. They make judgement decisions based on what they    believe to be the best for all students involved. As you have seen from  the list above, certain things can and should be discussed with your child’s coach.

Issues Not Appropriate to Discuss With Coaches

· Playing time

· Team strategy

· Play calling

· Other student athletes


When is the best time to talk to the head coach?

Parents should make arrangements to talk to the head coach ahead of time. Coaches do have the right to set up scheduled times to talk to parents, ex. 15 minutes after practice is completed. Under no circumstance should a           parent approach any coach, assistant or head, after a meet, match, or game. Emotions are usually high at this time and it is better for everyone to have a cool down period before talking.


The Next Step

What can a parent do if the meeting with the coach does not provide a satisfactory resolution?

· Refer to the Athletic Handbook passed by the Board of Education and look over the proper procedure to appeal an athletic decision. If you need a copy of the handbook please contact the Athletic Office or access it on the web at www.beasd.org.

Research indicates a student involved in co-curricular activities has a greater chance for success during adulthood, than non-participants. Many of the character traits required to be a successful participant are exactly those that will promote a successful life after high school. We hope the information within this pamphlet makes both your child’s and your experience with the Bald Eagle Area Athletic Programs less stressful and more enjoyable.




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